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Air Dryer and Receiver

We are the leading Manufacturer, Importer and Trader of superior quality Compressed Air Dryers, Air Receiver, etc. We are also a service provider of Pressure Vessel Fabrication Services.

Air CompressorsGet Quotation
As a global manufacturer of air compressors, blowers, pumps and other equipment, Gardner Denver produces one of the industries largest ranges of high performance
  • Industrial screw, 
  • Reciprocating,
  • Centrifugal and 
  • Vane compressors 
  • Compressed air equipment. 

Halward as Authorized Distributors of Gardner Denver represent their vision in India.

Compressed air is often considered the fourth utility. As such almost all areas of industry will rely on compressed air every day to power their business.

Gardner Denver is globally renowned for its highly reliable, high quality and energy efficient industry leading range of lubricated and oil-free rotary screw, reciprocating and centrifugal compressors. Whatever the size of the compressed air requirement Gardner Denver has a solution.

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Compressed Air DryerGet Quotation

Compressed air contains contaminants like dust particles, liquid water and water vapor, liquid oil and oil vapor, hydrocarbon vapor, rust particles, pipe scale and acidic condensates. You are well aware compressed air adversely affects all elements of air distribution system. It causes rusting and scaling in the pipelines, can cause valves to stick, instruments to clog and air driven tool to malfunction apart from reducing the power and efficiency of air motors and tools.

The need to effectively and efficiently dry and filter compressed air cannot be overemphasized. Ineffective purification can lead to unnecessary high operating and Maintaince costs. Haward has developed an extensive line of air filtration products with a range of efficiencies and optional features to cost effectively meet your filtration and purification needs. 

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Screw Compressors Oil FilterGet Quotation

Halward supplies top quality replacement oil filters for rotary screw compressors that meet &/or exceed the original OEM quality & spec.'s & performance. We supply replacements for all brands of compressors.

The proper selection and use of oil filters will prevent many short and long term problems with your compressed air equipment and systems and save you substantially in down-time and component replacement costs over the life of your compressed air system.
Halward is pioneer in 100% Replacement and Compatible Oil Filters of Kaeser, Atlas Copco, Chicago Pneumatic, Sullair, Elgi, Ingersoll RandFS CURTIS, BOGE,  etc Make Screw Compressors

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Screw Compressor Air & Oil SeparatorGet Quotation

Lubricated rotary screw air compressors mix oil with the intake air to lubricate the compressor's screws. After the air is compressed an air/oil separator separates compressed air from compressor oil. The compressor lubricant collects at the bottom of the separator tank and the compressed air continues to the air receiver. A standard rotary screw separator reduces the lubricant entrained in the compressed air to 2-3 ppm. Under normal operating conditions an oil separator's service life is 4,000 to 6,000 operating hours.

Purification of air we breathe carries contaminants. Airborne particles, water, microbes, and chemical gases enter compressors. At a state these contaminants become concentrated and more destructive.

We are constantly adding new resources to offer you the widest selection; we manufacture and supply only new air/oil separators. This allows us to keep thousands in stock, offering you the fastest shipping and most competitive price.

Search by manufacturer or product number and find exactly the air/oil separator you need with confidence.

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Compressed Air Line FilterGet Quotation

Purification of air we breathe carries contaminants. Airborne particles, water, microbes, and chemical gases enter compressors. At a state these contaminants become concentrated and more destructive.

In the compressed air system, hard particles assault equipment and piping. The result is damage to the system and more particles generated. Examples of particles found in a compressed air system include scale, metal oxides, and dirt. Particles in a compressed air system can:

  • Plug orifices of sensitive pneumatic instrumentation
  • Wear out seals
  • Erode system components
  • Decrease air tool efficiency
  • Damage finished products

Particulate compressed air system. aerosol and concentration. Compressed air is saturated with water. Chemical gases, either alone or in combination with other contaminants, may cause additional damage or create a potential hazard to the process or personnel. Chemical gases found in compressed air systems include:

  • Freon
  • Chlorine
  • Sulphur
  • Carbon dioxide
  • Hydrocarbons
  • Carbon monoxide

Molds, fungus, and compressed air system. Microbes require moisture to grow. In addition to being a health threat to workers, microbes produce acidic waste. This waste corrodes the sludge. Sludge clogs pipes and valves causing valves to jam (stiction). Filtering and drying processes remove particles, moisture, microbes, and chemicals from compressed air. Clean, dry air protects the air system, reduces maintenance costs and increases finished product yields.

Halward Has a range of Filters to take care of tis problem.

Types of compressed air filters

  • Compressor Intake Filter
  • Compressor Air/Oil Separator
  • Coalescing Filter
  • Particulate Filter
  • High Particulate Filter
  • Vapor Filter (Charcoal Filter)

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Compressors Air FiltersGet Quotation

No matter what type of air compressor or blower you are using, you should be using an air intake filter. Dust, smoke, water, oil spray and other airborne contaminants can greatly reduce the life of your equipment. Don't allow them to enter your air compressor or blower unfiltered. 

Halwar supplies top quality replacement Air Intake Filters that meet &/or exceed the original OEM quality & spec.'s & performance. We supply replacements for all brands of compressors. Halward also sells Complete Air Intake Filter Assemblies. These come complete with Air Intake Filter Assembly plus the Inlet filter.

If you have questions about how to find an air intake filter replacement pl do get in touch on 093710650294

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Air Receiver and Storage TanksGet Quotation
Air receivers are tanks used for compressed air storage and are recommended to be in all compressed air systems. Using air receivers of unsound or questionable construction can be very dangerous. Therefore, the American Society of Mechanical Engineers (ASME) has developed a code regarding the construction of unfired pressure vessels, which has been incorporated into many federal, state, and local laws. This particular code is ASME Code Section VIII Division 1. Air receivers should always meet or exceed this code in addition to any other state, municipal, or insurance codes that may apply.

Air receivers serve several important purposes:

Decrease wear and tear on the compression module, capacity control system and motor by reducing excessive compressor cycling.
Eliminate pulsations from the discharge line.
 Separate some of the moisture, oil and solid particles that might be present from the air as it comes from
the compressor or that may be carried over from the aftercooler.
  Help reduce dew point and temperature spikes that follow regeneration.
 Offer additional storage capacity made to compensate for surges in compressed air usage.
 Contribute to reduced energy costs by minimizing electric demand charges associated with excessive
starting of the compressor motor.

The size of the air receiver is dependent upon air usage and the compressor style. The general rule to size a air receiver is:
 Receiver Size = Compressor ACFM * 1 Gallon/ACFM
 For a 200 ACFMCompressor = 200 Gallons
With a Conversion Factor of 7.48 Gallons/Cubic Ft. = 27 Cubic Ft.

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DehumidifierGet Quotation

We are pleased to introduce ourselves “Halward” as Engineers and Applicators to offer integrated HVAC solutions, for total climate control requirements.

 Halward has the best technical knowledge in the discipline of HVAC especially in low RH areas of any process & preservation industries. We execute the projects in critical processes in Pharmaceuticals, Food industries, Heath care facilities and other critical areas with an integrated approach to provide optimal HVAC solutions.

 We supply Desiccant based and Refrigerant type Dehumidifiers, Fresh Air Units and other air conditioning equipment with special care and quality to ensure that our products comply with the best standards in practice. We have technical people to execute the work with state-of-art workmanship to suit the industrial standards and we train our customers to efficiently work in their respective critical areas. We also provide repairs and maintenance services for most known brands of Dehumidfiers.

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BlowerGet Quotation
The Ring Blowers / Side Channel Blowers / Regenerative Blowers / Turbine Blowers are suitable for all those applications requiring considerably higher pressure, than those which can be achieved using centrifugal fans. Side Channel exhausters are used in all those applications requiring an operating vacuum higher than the one achievable by a fan, but not as to require the use of a vacuum pump. The rotating parts are not in contact with the casing. There is, therefore, no friction during operation and thus no internal lubrication is necessary.

Application Of Blowers:
  • Pneumatic conveying of solids / liquids
  • Vacuum transfer of components / sheets
  • Blowing away debris /sucking away debris
  • During printing feed/ transfer of paper sheets
  • Sorting/counting of cards/envelopes/papers
  • Keeping yarn/ threads/ product in place during processing/sewing/knitting
  • Provide air cushion to handle delicate material like Eggs / Glass.
  • To suck debris / gases from Clean rooms/enclosed spaces/tunnels/laboratories
  • To agitate and aerate water in spa/whirlpool/swimming pool/fishing tanks/aqua culture tanks,

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Vacuum PumpGet Quotation
Halward provides innovative vacuum and compressed gas solutions to a wide range of applications and processes used in many industries. These solutions reduce energy consumption, improve reliability and uptime, eliminate pollution and provide cost savings.

  • Pneumatic Conveying
  • Plastics : Transfer of Granules, Calibrations and Drying
  • Food Industry: Thermoforming, Sealing, Mixing and packaging.
  • Graphic Arts : Printing
  • Environment : production of Biogas and Water Treatment
  • Healthcare : Medical Vacuum and Respiratory assistance
  • Glass :Bottling
  • Pharmaceuticals : Distillation and Packaging
  • Automotive : Manufacturing Parts and Testing

Get in touch with us if you are looking for the best choice of products and technologies, outstanding quality and expert know-how for all applications requiring vacuum or pressure.

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Compressed Air AccessoriesGet Quotation
Compressed air equipment is a category, where all other devices and elements are included, which can’t be classified into other groups that we offer. This equipment helps to improve air quality and energy efficiency of compressed air system.
This Category includes products like:
  • Auto Drain valves
  • Adsorbent Chemicals like Activated Alumins and Molecular Sieves
  • Air Coolers and Moisture Separators
  • Compressed Air Heaters
  • Pressure Reducing and Safety Valve.

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CompressorsGet Quotation
Our product range includes a wide range of centrifugal compressors, reciprocating compressors, piston air compressor, twin lobe compressor and metal air compressor.

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